• Tank Capacity: between 38 m³ and 61 m³
• Transported Product: Ammonia
• Operating Temperature: between - 50 ‘C and +65 'C
• Design Standard: ADR, EN 12493, EN 12252, TPED, AD2000 Merkblatter, ASME or CODAP


• The tank is designed with a cylindrical section to form the most durable and lightest tank - chassis combination.
• Our designs include qualified braking and overturning stability performance tests.
• Our tanks use special high strength, fine grained, normalized "P" series pressure vessel steel in accordance with EN 10028-3. The mechanical and metallurgical properties of the steel are tested and verified.
• An elliptical dished head end is used in tank heads with stress relieving according to standards.
• Manufacturing and quality processes are carried out under the supervision of an independent inspection body, in accordance with standards and procedures, by a qualified, experienced engineer.
• Welding is done by certified welders in accordance with standards and materials.
• Certified NDT personnel with competence and international competence in testing and controlling all welded joints.
• The inside of the tank is equipped with breakwater and ring with bolt connection according to the standards.
• Once installed, all tanks are subjected to a hydrostatic pressure test. After this test, the connections of the tank accessories are tested with air against leaks.
• The chassis is manufactured in accordance with the 2007/46 / EC directive and a certificate of conformity is issued.
• The chassis is delivered with the cold mark and identification plate approved.
• Chassis Made of high-strength steel to withstand all kinds of road and load conditions.
• Park stands are offered with dual-speed trailer type models each with 25 tons dynamic and 50 tons static load capacity and different brand options.
• Axles With different axle and suspension options;
- From one to four axles
- Single or double tires
- Mechanical or air suspension options available.
• The brake system is provided with EBS, ABS or RSP system.
• Warning, warning, suspension, brake, etc. Systems consist of approved materials in accordance with ADR.
• Outer surfaces of the tank are sandblasted at SA quality 2.5 before painting.
• The best product is offered to the customers by using the latest technology '' OVEN PAINT '' method by using dyeing products which have proven international quality for dyeing, corrosion resistant, long lasting, high quality two component paint products.

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