• Tank Capacity: 2 m3 or 40m3
• Tank Class: Class 2 (Gases)
• Products to be stored: UN 1965 – Hydrocarbon gas mixture
UN 1978 – Propane
UN 1011 – Butane
UN 1075 – Fuel- oil gas, liquefied
• Operating Temperature: between - 30 ‘C and +70 'C
• Design Standards: EN 12493, ADR-RID, ASME, AD 2000 Merkblatter, PD 5500, CODAP 2000 or other standards.


• The tank is designed for sea, road or rail transport.
• Transport is cheap because it is in standard container size.
• Our tanks use special high strength, fine grained, normalized "P" series pressure vessel steel in accordance with EN 10028-3. The mechanical and metallurgical properties of the steel are tested and verified.
• An elliptical dished head end is used in tank heads with stress relieving according to standards.
• Manufacturing and quality processes are carried out under the supervision of an independent inspection body, in accordance with standards and procedures, by a qualified, experienced engineer.
• Welding is done by certified welders in accordance with standards and materials.
• Certified NDT personnel with competence and international competence in testing and controlling all welded joints.
• Once installed, all tanks are subjected to a hydrostatic pressure test.
• Outer surfaces of tank are sandblasted with SA quality before painting
• Provide the best product to the customers by using corrosion resistant, long lasting, high quality two component paint products of paint companies which have proven internationally for dyeing.

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